Episode 27: “Down with MBP”

In this TRIPLE (almost triple!) sized episode, Natasha and Eric cover the new Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar, the Microsoft Surface Pro (no kidding), complaints—and praises—for the iPhone 7 and iOS 10, and way so much more!

It’s a big episode! Tune in! Well, press play! You know how it works!


Episode 26: “Tops and Bottoms”

Natasha and Eric cover their top—and bottom—lists of both iOS 10 and iPhone things:

    Top uses of iPhone generally
    Top iOS 10 favorite things
    Bottom iOS 10 negative things

You’ll be surprised at what’s on our lists, probably guaranteed!

PLUS! Natasha shares a wonderful experience from a completely unexpected source!
And Eric might have a teeny tiny micro magical scoop! At least he thinks so!

Episode 25: “Jet Black Sexy”

Welcome to a nearly TRIPLE-SIZED episode of 30 Minute Apple! Why’s it so long? Because of the big big iPhone 7 announcement just the other day! We, Natasha and Eric, cover all the major points with commentary and appropriate punditry.

Did you miss the event? No worries, here’s a 107-second summary video by Apple. It’s really great—give it a view!

An article we mentioned was how the iPhone’s design is iconic. Here is that article.

We cover the whole event—even the boring parts—so you don’t have to! Relax and we’ll tell you all about the good stuff! Enjoy!

Episode 24: “The Issue That Isn’t Yet”

30 Minute Apple Episode 24 illustration Apple Removing Headphone Jack copyright 2016 Eric HaddockWelcome to a special edition of 30 Minute Apple where Natasha and Eric discuss the biggest issue to issue since there were issues: The removal of the headphone jack from iPhone 7.

And it’s just a rumor! Granted, the rumor is very strong, but it has electrified tech punditry and it’s all everyone can talk about—even us!

Then it’s all about iOS 10 beta 1 impressions. What thing do we both think is the bestest ever? What’re the rough spots? And, yes, there’s something we plain don’t like!

iOS 10 official preview that Eric mentioned.

Episode 23: WWDC 2016

HUGE HUGE episode! Five times the advertised length!

But we had to, you see! There was so very much to talk about! This WWDC was really jammed with all sorts of new features—and we covered them all, including but not limited to:

watchOS—new faces, SOS, Breathe, Scribble, and much more.
tvOS—Search, Single sign-on, Sketch Party, and more.
macOS—Siri, Auto Unlock, universal clipboard, Apple Pay, and more.
iOS10—Lock screen, Control Center, Siri, Quick Type, Photos, Maps!, Music, News, Home Kit, Phone, and the biggest feature (for us) of all: Messages!
And finally: Swift!

My goodness, there’s really so very much.

PLUS Eric explains why he’s using Maps instead of Waze from now on.

Episode 22: “Haunted Devices”

All of our devices are haunted—and we have proof! In that things that’ve happened to us since last episode are a bit…crazy!

BUT FIRST—A FIRST for the podcast! We have just a few interview questions from a 14-year-old relative of Natasha’s who just purchased an iPhone SE with her own money. Why did she do that? What does she think of it? We have the answers!

Now then, here are the links we mentioned during the podcast…

Remember that El Capitan review we keep going on about? How about 10 features I love about El Capitan?

Apple turned 40—here’re some neat facts. Here’s Jason Snell looking back on the early Mac web. And here’s Walt Mossberg’s thoughts.

We love our Apple Watches! Here are 12 reasons why this person still wears hers every day.

What’re games like on Apple Watch? Read some developers’ thoughts on games for the Watch.

Finally, here are 12 Apple Watch games you should play!

Episode 21: “Draw me like one of your French devices”

Our latest episode is all about a bunch of things!

We lead with a few nice things about Eric’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, including what it’s like for a non-drawer to draw on it, what the Apple Pencil is really like, and which apps are good for it.

Natasha shared 6 Apple Pencil Apps for People Who Don’t Draw.

And here’s a review of Apple Pencil—drawn by Apple Pencil! Very clever!

Apple devices are changing lives, including this very interesting story about how an iPad Pro changed a girl’s life.

There’s more!

We talked about the new iPhone SE and why people are just so in love with it.

Plus the two best features of the new iOS 9.3.

And, coming soon, an interview!

Meanwhile, enjoy episode 21! We did!