Episode 20: “The Art of Security”

Natasha and Eric discuss drawing art on the rumored new iPad Pro 2 (iPad Pro Mini?) or whatever it’s going to be called—if there’s even going to be one a’tall—that may or may not debut at an Apple event on either the 15th or 21st of March, 2016. (And Eric rather talks himself into buying one of them…)

And, of course, there is much discussion about the ongoing FBI brouhaha and its implications for future Apple products.

Plus, some Apple Watch talk, and more!


Episode 19: “Rumor and Resolutions”

Thank you so much for waiting for this episode (and the previous two)! Eric had two terrible illnesses in a row—but now everything’s all better and it’s time to rock and roll!

All kinds of topics this episode!

We start of with the most persistent and talked about rumor of the day: Apple is going to remove the headphone jack for iPhone 7—and instead use the Lighting jack for headphones and earbuds instead! What do we think?

Apple-related Resolutions! It’s the new lunar year, so what are some goals do Natasha and Eric have for the year? Listen in while they explain theirs and maybe you’ll pick one up for yourself.

Saving web pages to iBooks? The heck you say! But Natasha makes a convincing argument for doing just that—and it’s super easy to do!

What’re Apple Watch apps up to nowadays?

What the heck is this whole Night Shift thing all about?

Natasha shares some awesome Notes tips!

How’s the News app doing nowadays?

Here are some links for things discussed this episode:


Episode 17: “Pro TV”

This episode is all about both the Apple TV and the iPad Pro. And there’s some Apple Music thrown in for good measure!

Eric talks about his experience setting up the Apple TV, and then Natasha talks about what all she’d use the iPad Pro for, and her perspective on what all it offers to artists.

Join us, won’t you?

Episode 15: “So Much Wow!”

A QUADRUPLE episode! There was so much wow at the latest Apple event that it took us four episode at once to cover it all!

And we do! We discuss iPad Pro, Apple TV, iPhone 6S+, Apple Watch, and more!

Here are some links!

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