Episode 22: “Haunted Devices”

All of our devices are haunted—and we have proof! In that things that’ve happened to us since last episode are a bit…crazy!

BUT FIRST—A FIRST for the podcast! We have just a few interview questions from a 14-year-old relative of Natasha’s who just purchased an iPhone SE with her own money. Why did she do that? What does she think of it? We have the answers!

Now then, here are the links we mentioned during the podcast…

Remember that El Capitan review we keep going on about? How about 10 features I love about El Capitan?

Apple turned 40—here’re some neat facts. Here’s Jason Snell looking back on the early Mac web. And here’s Walt Mossberg’s thoughts.

We love our Apple Watches! Here are 12 reasons why this person still wears hers every day.

What’re games like on Apple Watch? Read some developers’ thoughts on games for the Watch.

Finally, here are 12 Apple Watch games you should play!


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